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Royal Master Degree Council Festival at Corinthian Feb. 25, 2012

          It is with great pleasure that the officers and members of Northfield Council No. 12, Cryptic Masons; hosted the annual Council Festival on February 25, 2012.

          It was an outstanding day for Cryptic Masonry in Minnesota as we greeted 27 new Companions with the Royal Master Degree being conferred by the Companions from St. Paul No.1 and the Select Masters Degree being conferred by the Companions from Minneapolis Council No. 2 in the morning while our Deputy Master; Companion Steve Bernhardt was preparing our noon lunch which was very delicious. There were about 75 in attendance.

          After lunch, Northfield Council No. 12 conferred the Super Excellent Master Degree, with guest Illustrious Master Raymond S. Frandsen presiding. There were for 32 Companions in attendance for this outstanding degree. It was very well received by all who were present. This is one of the most outstanding degrees in all of Masonry, which teaches a very good lesson on Fidelity.

          After which time, Most Illustrious Grand Master Douglas A. Nygard was introduced and given Grand Honors. He, at that time gave a short talk on what our philanthropy is accomplishing at this time. He followed that by introducing his Grand Officers who were present.

          The closing ceremony was presided by I. C. Raymond S. Frandsen, and was finished with the forming of the circle of friendship and the singing of Auld Lang Syne.


Hugh Swift, Jr.

Recorder – Northfield Council No. 12 ---Cryptic Masons

Richard Kachman – Illustrious Master